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This is a must have lens for all DSLR owners!
Here are my {affiliate links} to the best starter portrait lens, and the exact one I started my business with.
Canon users need the 1.8  

or the 1.4

Both are amazing lenses, so if your just getting started the 1.8 will suffice.

Nikon users need this one

or this one



There are a number of great lenses that every photographer consider a staple to their arsenal of favorite equipment and must haves.

Among some of the top lenses are the 28-70 2.8 lens.   This is a great zoom lens to capture those ever changing situations you’ll find yourself in.  This lens is among the top for shooting weddings and families where circumstances can change so quickly, needing to be up close in one situation and a wide view in the next.

Nikon versions is here

Canon version is here

Sigma for  Nikon Mount here

Tameron for Canon Mount here 

There is a lens in this focal length that is a little cheaper , but keep in mind… with lenses cheaper is does mean the quality of the lens can be less desirable.



85mm 1.8 lenses are beautiful, and a super option for capturing those shots up close without getting in the personal space of those around you.  Capturing images of your child from across the room.  This is a wonderful lens for a beginner and novice alike!

Canon 85mm is here

Nikon 85mm here

Moving on to some Pro Lenses…

This Canon 35mm 1.4 L-series Lens is BEAUTIFUL ….  It is great for those up close wide shots, and those family shots at a wedding.   A great wide angle is a necessity when shooting large groups, as the room may be too small or other various objects can block your view if you are standing too far back to get the shot. Get it here Canon User Get it here Nikon User

I LOVE my Canon 10-200 2.8 lens, and I would not… Could not shoot a wedding without one after having mine.  This is such an essential tool to get right into the couple, or subject at hand without being right in their space.

Get it here Canon user

Get it here Nikon User

These lenses are on my short list, but I encourage you to decide first what you will be taking images of primarily and they go from there.