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~Birth Stories Session { Birth Photography}

It’s truthfully hard to put into words what this kind of shoot is like. Having had 4  Babies of my own, I had never been on this end of business until shooting my first Birth Stories Session. It is Beautiful and so Emotional even for me as merely a spectator, real love journalist, prayer warrior, and camera man. Yesterday I experienced an amazing and strong woman painfully labor for hours, a husband who stood at her side the entire time comforting her when he could, holding her hands and rubbing her back in hopes to ease some of the pain. A team of well skilled nurses and labor and delivery staff who at times went above and beyond to see this baby arrive safely. Doctors that not only firmly coached her through some tough hours, and then to say the kindest encouraging words to her throughout… They were top notch women! The sweetest baby boy arrived and was absolutely adorable and even gave me the wide open eyes so I could snap a few shots of his tiny face all happy and curious. And then there was the sweet big brother who had waited all day to see baby arrive. You see him here curiously looking after his momma….

All in all I am constantly reminded of how beautiful life is, and how amazing and perfectly we are put together by our Creator. How real Love is and how Gods perfect plans for us always arrive in His timing. Thank you to Kyle & Micale for sharing this experience with me! It’s a day I will never forget. I hope these Images and many more will always help your family remember these moments well♥