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This is my Grind…  The daily work that needs to be done in order to succeed as an Entrepreneur.  How to make this machine operate through all seasons,  become an income my family can count on, and believe in.  There are often seasons in the life of a Momprenour where she feels like giving up, cashing in, and calling it quits because of all the noise in our lives.   The problem is that if you are a creative and are designed to do just that you can’t turn off the thoughts, the ideas, the mindset of “I can do that, and that is a great idea.”

So dear friend… If you are struggling to find balance, ask God to show you where to put your focus.  Take care of yourself and give yourself some down time.  Rest in God’s word, and take those extra minutes to enjoy your family even when things seem to keep pulling you back into the grind.  And, then my friend… seize the moments to grow, thrive, and work steadfastly to His glory. Remember, you are the only you!